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Plumtree are busy recording a new album, The new record is delayed because Plumtree decided to re-do some parts of the record.

The record will be released on Endearing Records in Canada very soon.

They recorded some of the record at EMS recording studios in Toronto towards the end of July with Producer Justin Deneau.

You can also get a new Plumtree/Salteens 7" from endearing

Plumtree also recently contributed the song "latitude" to the Syrup and Gasoline compilation on Montreal's own Grenadine Records.

Here is an excerpt from DAMN from July 22 1999

Things began a little weirdly for Plumtree in T.O.: They first moved into in a house with seven other people, some quite strange and spooky, and got bitten by various weird bugs; then their van got towed away. But Carla, Amanda, Lynette and Catriona have settled in now, and are plugging away at it. The album will apparently sound "a little different," from previous Plumtree efforts, with lots of odd time signatures (Plumtree go Emo? Maybe they should change their name to Jade Tree...).